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The selection of a new piano is a wonderful addition to your home or studio. And the selection of a WESBERG piano is a wise choice. Our beautiful tone, the perfect touch and the timeless beauty of cabinetry has made WESBERG the piano of choice.

WESBERG authorized the first piano maker which has achieved ISO 9002 certification in 1980s. The quality of workmanship is evident when you look closely at the fit and finish of a WESBERG piano. The world-renowned German scale designer, Klaus Fenner has created these pianos with a warm European voice. By combining the finest materials and craftsmanship with his award winning scale designs, he has created a piano that will make beautiful music for generations to come.

Refined lines and curves make these the most beautiful case styles available today in WESBERG Pianos family. The finest veneers and case construction assures you that your WESBERG piano will hold its beauty and value for many years.

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